on a preliminary definition of terms.

Blog (blawgg)
n. blogg-er, blogg-ed, blogg-ing, blog-osphere
contraction of “web” and “log”; weBLOG.

1. (basic) A “log” (journal,diary,written record) residing on the internet.

2. (common) A diary published directly to the internet despite personal nature. Personal thoughts shared with an impersonal network.

3. (technical) Any website created using “push-button” publishing, allowing quick addition of new web-material on a constant basis. “Posts” are generally displayed vertically, with the most recent at the top.

4. (theoretical) An online trend that is democratic in nature due to lack of hypertext (html;code;) knowledge necessary to create dynamic and fresh material; a way for the cyber-everyman to be represented online; a medium for discussion of ideas and opinions, and the dissemination of artistic creation on a regular basis; hope for an internet where the threat of invasion by external media empires is quickly becoming a reality.

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