big J takes one for the team.

passion.jpgWent to see The Passion of The Christ for 6$ at the discount cinema out of a morbid sense of obligation. I had heard again and again that it was one of the most gory and horrible films to ever come out of america (unlike Japan), but such claims just can’t sink in properly until you’ve watched a raging Roman guard rip chunks out of the side of Your Favorite Communist with some horrible metal-hooked cat ‘o nine tails.

I doubt that I’ve squirmed so much at one movie in my life.

Overall though the emotion was actually pretty solid, and some of the characterization was superb (the Simon character was particularly poingnant), though I’m not really sure about the writing.. I mean, it was a bit obvious, wasn’t it? I totally knew what everyone in the movie was going to say before they even said it!

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  1. i thought it was pretty emotional when i saw’s the only jesus film that has ever made me cried.and i must say,because i take fun in torturing myself on good friday and watching all those 5 hrs life of jesus movies, i have alot to compare it to.

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