“while Hall pulls down her skirt, and walks away.”

of tears and semen Beautiful and sad set of journalistic photos about a group of performers in the pornography industry. It won first prize for documentary in the College Photographer of the year contest, whatever that is. Definitely worth a thoughtful glance (the captions are especially significant.)

[note: there IS NUDITY but there IS NOT PORNOGRAPHY, unless the two are the same to you.]

poverty.jpgNote also: The second place winner, who’s look at poverty in american life is both unnerving and confusing (again, the terrain of destitution is rich with icons of the cult of America.) Though poingant and timely, I can’t help wondering about the ethical implications of this piece (which includes various acts of violence.) Was the photographer exaggerating, or did he actually watch a grown man pull a young girl around their front porch by her hair? Is a powerful window into the reality of a situation worth accepting its realization in front of your eyes without interveening?

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  1. both are not very good. The subject is the only thing interesting about the piece but the photography doesnt give us any real insight into the subject.

  2. I loved it. I swear those pictures are 100 times more erotic than ANY porn.
    I thought the ability of the photographer to convey insight into the subject was stunning.

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