Merry Season, The Internet.

remember the simulation. shopping is not real, christmas is shopping

I hope you are warm with someone you like, comfortably solitudinous or being crushed by a horde of stampeding boxing-day shoppers. Whatever hits your fancy.

As a favor to me though, I’d appreciate if everyone could take a moment to ponder the simulation. Consider this biggest of birthdays and consumption periods and try to find its true meaning. (Hint: There is none, the meaning has been crushed by everyone who ever took part. Have some eggnog.)

I hope you got good presents, something fun and something useful. I got an amazing graphic novel (worth far more than its 40$ price tag) and a light bulb for my lava lamp. I am enthralled and funky both.

If you’re free give me a call, I’d love to hang out.

3 Replies to “Merry Season, The Internet.”

  1. That is seriosly one of the best books i’ve read all year. I got that one for mien freund V.Sparxxx. Mary Holidaze sends you butterfly kises.LOCKANDLORR! ACE! DO IT!

  2. blankets is quite possibly my favorite possession. i’m glad you dug it. in other news, i JUST got your message regarding shisha. sorry i couldn’t make it this evening. there will be other times. happy boxing day, jer.

  3. I assume that’s why you called me last night as well, I too am sorry.
    It was a crazy, family filled night, your call got lost in the shuffle.

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