So many coding projects lately…

information design web page Just finished a somewhat insulting overhaul of our class website for Information Design class. Teacher asked us to “imagineer” some kind of project and hand it in, so I imagineered his unsemantic, innefficient, ugly and useless site into a lean, mean information serving machine.

Link to original site. Note the intermittent navigation and random hierarchy (if you know anything about HTML take a look at the code, it’s terrifying).

Link to sexy new standards compliant creative commons licensed version. (note that the use of all the disney properties is for uh… educational purposes… )

8 Replies to “So many coding projects lately…”

  1. Looking good Jer! Are they actually going to use it? I mean, what do they have to lose but an ugly website?

  2. right now i’m just debating whether I should quietly hand it in (saving face for the teacher) or make a presentation of it (which would ultimately allow me to explain it better than I would otherwise… I think i’m going to present it.

  3. Presenting it would be better. And I’m sure it’s no big deal for the teacher. I mean, didn’t he have to approve this project? (from what I read on your snazzy new page!) [“Imagineering” » a proposal approved by the professor by the end of January. (20%) Due 30/03, ]
    He knows you’ve probably moped the flodd with him webpage and it’s a compliment to his class that you would want to spend time fixing up his ~crappy~ webpage.

  4. you can erase this comment, and you may already know this, but as I type in the comment box it runs out of sight into the beige border. annoying.

  5. just to let everyone know, this was easily THE BEST presentation EVER…it was fun to watch the class squirm.

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