Better films involving ukuleles.

Screenshot from the coney island ukulele film.It may seem like I have a one-track mind here, but Psychedelic Play-Along Ukulele Films About Coney Island and Mermaids are very, very cool.

Also, while we’re at it, Jake Shimabukuro(link goes to another Midnight Ukulele Disco video) does insane things with only four strings and two octaves. He’s huge in Japan.
(thanks, Big T.)

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  1. wow, that hot dog video is completely mental! for now, i think your sound is still leaning a bit more towards that guy singing about the mermaid parade than uke master shimabukuro, but that shouldn’t stop you from having your own ukelele episodes online! you should totally hack their website and post the video of your posthuman song and the one about pheobe could be in the topless x-rated portion of the site.

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