Peeing in a bucket for Bling

Algorithm Pharmaceuticals ad - two people smiling. As I consider the possibility of a third encounter with the generous scientists and medical professionals at Algorithme Pharmaceutical, I can’t help putting myself in the place of Martin and Julie. Young, intelligent and adventurous, I feel like I could use the extra dollars for something, even though I’m obviously too cool to actually need them.

There’s just something so tempting about the few studies that involve waste collection rather than constant blood sampling (they advertise these specifically, i.e. now). The needles are liquid hate, but I have no problems drinking a lot of extra water and using the bucket, and 900$ is 90,000¢, whether I need that many pennies or not.

Will I be a tool for eating the mandatory non-vegetarian meals? What if I enjoy them?

[[EDIT: Does anyone want to join me on this adventure? The worst part is the waiting and sitting around all weekend (it’s two weekends in a row of sitting around in a closed room with a bunch of other guys). You’d probably have to not smoke or have too much detectable drugs in your system. Email me if you’re planning on applying (there’s tests and stuff) jer [at] simianuprising [dot] com ]]

5 Replies to “Peeing in a bucket for Bling”

  1. the vegetarianism thing gave me pause, too. but i eventually decided that my eating habits are not worth $1800 to me.

    i think this makes me a sell-out.

  2. I think that this is actually a perfect technical example of selling out. So analytically pure I almost feel like I should do it just to be a part of something so grand.

  3. also, you may like the taste, but your STOMACH will not enjoy them.
    i speak from experience.

  4. I like the guy in the back of that photo they’re both ignoring. He’s such a third wheel.

  5. if you actually go to the page i linked the poster changes every time you refresh, and you can see that in different versions they just black out different people. one will have julie and tom with steve all dark-blue and invisible, the next will have just tom with the other two erased!


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