WordPress Upgraded to

Wordpress Dynamic Publishing platform Just a quick note that I upgraded the WordPress installation for the Simian Uprising blog from 1.2 to

That is probably very unimportant to you, but give me a shout if you notice any weird behaviors or if anything seems to be not working like you expect it to (the comments system is a bit different, but should be easier not harder).

Also, anyone using RSS syndication (check out that link if you dont’ know what it is) to follow Simian Uprising should probably update their links. The new feed is here.

3 Replies to “WordPress Upgraded to”

  1. your rss/w3c buttons etc extend past the bottom of the table by a good 200 pixels.

    this has nothing to do with wordpress but your server’s been sucking for the past few days.

  2. oh, that. Yeah I never figured out how to get rid of that shit, on various kinds of sites i’ve done.

    The problem is that when you lay a site out with CSS INSTEAD of tables (where that kind of problem doesn’t come up) floating elements tend to end up doing that kind of poo. I’m still looking for a fix, if you know any.

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