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  1. Yeah, man. Any excuse and that’s it. I think they meant to can you today, but relented somewhat. Good times!

  2. J: almost. They put me on ZERO TOLERANCE (internal policy where if i do anything else that doesn’t “promote and uphold the corporation’s policies and decisions” I will be fired).

    TH: do you have some special knowledge about it? All I know is that Erika sounded pretty dissapointed when she told me that termination could have been their course of action (right before she started reading the zero tolerance report).

    I was just sitting there staring at them then I signed the report and we all left. I think their goal was really just to establish that such things are actually contract breaches, I mean their argument was pretty flimsy to start with (I seriously can’t believe that that bit about body and soul supporting the corporation was even in the contract), if they’d tried to fire me I could have taken them to court. But since I signed the ZT i’ve agreed that the behavior is infractionary and they can fire me if i do it again (which, really, is all they need from me. If I do a bad job or something i’d just be on par with the whole monitoring system. They just want me to shut up and sit down, which i’ll do until I can get the hell out.)

  3. I was eating a sandwich (in that horrid little room) when I overhead a heated discussion coming from the Mommy-Side office. People in evident, and loud disagreement. I sent an email to those on my immediate right, letting them know such conversations are overheard. After an unfortunately short, but still Fawlty Towers worthy investigation, I was told there was an “intense and difficult” termination” being discussed, and thought of you.

    It really depends what else they have on you. The other Staff termination this quarter came via gross misconduct on top of contantly causing problems re: Policy and generally doing a piss poor job on the basics. That I seem to have acting as a catalyst for this is ironic, as this was a person I genuinely enjoyed working with… my “employment enjoyment” is diminished since…

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  5. I’d think that questioning the integrity of some company policy for the sake of making the workplace BETTER would be demonstrating a sense of loyalty, concern, and interest in the company. After all, they should always be open to what their employees think.

    But, I guess Decima is a tyranny… and, unfortinently, THE MAN at the top suffers from a god complex…

  6. why put up with that shit anyway?
    i had a champagne hangover and i was having a good laugh with my roommate, so i called in and just told madelaine to take out all my shifts. honestly, i decided to quit about 30 seconds before i actually did so. i’d been meaning to for awhile, but i figured i’d work through the holidays and at least save up. now i’m borderline destitute, but i’m a lot happier.
    ever since opinionsearch moved to the new building, the head honchos have been up on their soapbox pontificating about ‘serious work environment’ this and ‘good work ethic’ that. but i mean, for chrissakes. it’s a demoralising job to begin with, so good luck getting people to give a shit about their job, and it’s never going to be a serious work environment so long as they keep hiring people with no working knowledge of english or french (sorry du xiao jun) or 17 year old guys who walk with a limp and think they’re ‘street’. 80% of the people i’ve had the misfortune of meeting at opinionsearch have an iq under 80, so really, how are you going to get work professionals out of bimbos, bourgeois thugs, and the ESL crowd?
    i also have a beef with a few of the supervisors that were hired in the past few months. a couple of them are a bit too excited with their promotions, and apparently threatening to give a break abuse infraction before someone’s 15 minutes are even up is the new boasting about how big your dick is to assert your masculinity. seriously, if someone’s only at 12 minutes, leave them the fuck alone, don’t say “you’re at 12 minutes, you’d better get ready to go back to work”. i mean seriously, WHAT THE FUCK.

    sometimes i wonder how i managed to work there for 10 months, but i never really did much at opinionsearch, did i?

  7. what the. who the heck is madelaine? i’ve been gone too long.
    it figures that everything at opinionsearch would go to shit as soon as i leave, doesn’t it? sigh.

  8. madeleine is one of the new supervisors, of which there are a metric assload.

    new supervisors: arlen, madeleine, john tournas, jon maloney, sohyl, ruth shooflar, and probably more!
    new monitors: george kong, cory, maybe someone else?

    just in case phil or the internet was curious. note that all of these people are unhappy, even if they don’t know it yet.

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