Popping Hummer Cherry

I just couldn’t help myself after finding IHumpedYourHummer.com on BoingBoing yesterday. Losers driving tanks on cramped city streets be warned! Your honor is mine!

(Really though, Hummers make my brain hurt. There shouldn’t even be cars in the city, let alone military vehicles who’s only purpose is to cart around assholes.)

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  1. hahaha i thoroughly enjoyed watching yours and the other videos… especially the call on me one…. priceless…

  2. I really enjoyed your rant, in the comments section of your Hump your Hummervideo.
    I got the Hummer link, form my Yahoo daily pics.
    I am so happy to have discovered your blog, as a result of that.
    I also like your K.I.S.S. strategy about MySpace, which I am also a member.
    I figured I would let you in on this one.
    The new Eons site: http://www.eons.com/ which was just launched a few days ago, for old folk like myself, is the most complicated, conveluted, design, I have ever experienced, on a website.
    I know you are too young (lucky you) to be a member, but you should check it out and comment on it.
    I would love to know what you will have to say about it!

  3. “let alone military vehicles who’s only purpose is to cart around assholes”
    sir, are you aware that several of those vehicles are used by medicins sans frontieres? are you aware that armoured humvees also feature significantly in the public health and free medical care campaign in Haiti? I didn’t think so. Way to go with calling everyone assholes.

    BTW, next time there is a natural disaster, don’t start crying for the military to come rescue your ass. As I recall in the ice storm in your city, citizens were demanding the military come help them. Unfortunately, there were not enough troops or vehicles to provide aid immediately. Yea, another generalization crumbles.

  4. Thanks for your comment Kris. I was talking about people who drive Humvees in the city of montreal because they want to not because they need to. If Medecins Sans Frontieres are using Humvees in montreal then they are assholes. Humvees are for where there are no roads, not where there is a lack of space on the roads already. Your innability to differentiate between civillian and millitary/aid related uses of MILITARY VEHICLES indicates that you didn’t even think about what I was saying before you responded. I wasn’t saying hummers are all bad I was indicating that one specific use was moronic and destructive to various environments.

    Also, breaking the universe into categories and thus “generalizing” about the instances within those categories is how we describe the universe without going insane. Human beings are not the same thing as each other, they are only 99.9% the same as each other, but we talk about ourselves as equal and one thing for convenience. Similarly not everyone who drives a hummer in the city is an asshole, but 99.9% of them are, and to them I say “fuck you”, and I say it with my pelvis instead of my finger because it’s funnier that way.

    p.s. If the impotent gorillas who drive hummers on St-Laurent during the fri-sat night club scene come to the rescue during the next environmental tragedy that befalls montreal I will not only bow down and kiss their ridiculous fenders, I will praise the lords of automotion for their acute sense of irony in using something that causes environmental wrath to help clean up the mess.

  5. Kris, you are a douche.
    There’s a difference between delivering medicine in Haiti and hitting a club in downtown Montreal.
    Go fuck yourself.

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