The hero seeks peace and enlightenment in Pushkar, finds sickness and parties.

Having parted company with my travelling partner Jenn Brea, I decided to see Pushkar, a stoner haven near Jaipur where alcohol and meat are illeagal but you can buy hash-based drinks in all the restaurants. I made some friends but got sick and felt lonely and missed Montreal, so there you go.

I’ve realized that in captioning my photos I’ve put a fairly detailed travel log into My Flickr Account, so if you’re looking for details feel free to sift through the images. There’s also lots of good monkey shots in there.

I’m now in Tokyo where the toilet washes then dries your butt for you, out of India where the sink drains onto the floor, go figure. Pictures of that to follow.

Highlights from Pushkar:

A Different Kind

a different kind of monkey - photo by jeremy clarke

Parade – or – food for the sacred

parade - or - food for the sacred - photo by jeremy clarke


moti my camel - photo by jeremy clarke

How Many Can You Count?

how many can you count

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