Catching up on XKCD makes me happy

xkcd comic, joke about epoch

This is so good, but completely meaningless unless you’re in on so many nerdy internet things. For reference see Fail Blog, an example of Epic Fail (which is originally a D&D joke) and Unix Time, which sets it’s zero moment as Jan1 1970 (a.k.a. the Unix Epoch).

Is XKCD the best thing ever? Yes.

4 Replies to “Catching up on XKCD makes me happy”

  1. Jer, whenever I feel like I may be losing touch, I know that I can come here and all will be well again.

  2. Were you walking up Van Horne yesterday? And did someone stare at you as walked passed, near Victoria?

  3. I was staring as he looked very much like you.

    We are strangers to one another, though we went to the same high school (maybe CEGEP, but not at the same time), and have a friend or two in common. Alex Wolski, for one.

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