Fuck Jack Layton, fuck Stephen Harper, fuck you, Canada.

EDIT January 2011: This post is about a Canadian election long ago and my frustration with how it went. It is not about social and racial strife between English and French Canada. If you came here searching for hate you will find a ton of it in the comment section, which became a honeypot/flytrap for shitheads when this post started ranking highly for search terms like “Fuck Quebec”, “Fuck Quebecers”, and my favorite “Fuck Stephen Harper”. Angry, wounded people started showing up and saying horrible things to each other, which just attracted more of the same. The comments are now closed to new submissions, but I’m keeping the existing ones there as evidence that we are still a troubled nation.
Peace and love to all the people of the world, be they Canadian, Quebecois, or anything else. Canada is a land of beautiful diversity and Quebec’s distinctive culture should be a pride and joy to all Canadians. The antidote to hate is understanding, lets try to work up as much of it as possible within ourselves.

Election photosThe Gazette today (don’t bother going to their site, they hate you so just take my word for it) reported on a poll stating that the Conservatives are (assuming the accuracy of polls) only going to fall two seats short of a majority government, slotting them almost definitely for at least a minority, even given a massive Liberal fallback as witnessed in the last election. Further, it seems the Bloc stands a serious chance of becomming the opposition.

This is fun because I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live under Conservative rule. I mean, I was too young to really feel the pinch when Brian Mulroney was around and anyway, he was just a lamo-halfway “Progressive Conservative”. It’ll be great to see the deficits and social regression we can bring about with some serious Big Cee Conservation of Canada’s social democratic values! Seriously, so what if what is now the conservative party is really the “Reform” party with a new color pallette, they aren’t just a bunch of gun-toting Albertans anymore, they’ve got unreasonably disgruntled nihilists bumping them up too.

Thanks NDP, your devotion to what I believe in has brought us to where we are today. You were so convinced that your parlimentiary bellyaching wasn’t being heard you decided to hit refresh on the whole thing and see what happens. What were you hoping for? A conservative majority puts you in the position of Ralph Nader giving advice to the Bush administration while a Conservative minority could only leave you worse off than with the Liberals (I mean, are you actually expecting more concessions from people almost diametrically opposed to what you believe in?). Did you really think you might win a minority? Get over yourselves. I still stand by the policies and principles of Canadian New Democracy, but I’m sure as hell not wearing my pins this time. You fucked it up Jack, time for a change is right.

My protest is going to be voting Liberal. I was going to give it to the Marijuana Party (the only one with a platform simple and consistent enough to really get behind) but the whole election has exploded out of control and messing around just isn’t an option anymore. The fact is that this whole process should never have been started, so I’m voting for the way it already was. Paul Martin is a wanker and the Liberals are sneaky jerks but the Canadian voting public are proving to be the worst threat of all. Of course Harper is the icon of their stupidity, but it is them (you?), not him, who are willing to let him take over the country. Try harder, Canada.

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  1. what really sucks is that I’m going to be a real citizen under that fucker… up until know, I really didnt care because my parents would always pick up the check – but now it seems like I might be starting “life” under a conservative Government. That just isn’t fair. To make matters even worse, I’m starting “life” in the Arts industry under a cabinate which probably LOVES CSI MIAMI.

    You just know that Harper has never watched an episode of The News Room.

  2. Those pictures are perfect, but Gilles is missing! Do we in Quebec not even consider him?

    I’m just about out of ideas… can’t I vote for a couple of them?

  3. note: only leaders of PARTIES are pictured at the top of the post. People who show up to Ottawa because they don’t want to be there need to work their shit out on their own time.

  4. i had this EXACT conversation with ian cantello and anna at school yesterday. thanks for letting me know i’m not alone in thinking the way i do.

    this election is seriously bumming me out…


  5. When I saw the picture, I just assumed Quebec HAD separated.
    I can’t believe I’m voting NDP and my radical son isn’t.
    Where’s Jean Chretien when you need him?

  6. Jer
    You are an idiot. The Liberal policies have in a pratical manner made them more conservative than the conservatives. Outside of Gay Marriage the Liberals are crazy. Did you know we are part of Missile defense? that our Military budget went up more under the Liberals than even Harper had promised his party it would? or that we are training the nice torturers in Iraq and Haiti how to do their thing and kep the people down in the name of democracy? Do you reallize that all Paul’s bullshit economy claims are lies and that the average joe is worse off now than 10 years ago? Liberals are ridiculous, forget the scandals etc. just look at what they have done to the country. Why have so many crimanls (apparently all of them) vote liberal? why did immigrants report getting multiple registry cards? they vote liberal also. The system is fucked upp and ridiculous. The Liberals have almost destroyed Canada. I do not know that Harper will do worse or better but to vote for the pathetic liberal party which certainly fails to represent your values is an idiotic thing to do.

  7. Jeremy, that isn’t you, is it my beautiful friend? The man I once knew. Walking along London streets until my feet bleed. And you, wild-eyed, looking from endless story-to-story, no lives untold, you bold and barracuded into sequential memory squeue. Do you remember that London room mind meld exchange? The woman we walked asking for some man to please infiltrate her loins. Please tell me you are not the same soul. Jeremy Gluck Clarke. A barracuda. Not a sleaze. Not a PC nothing. Because, one thing Jeremy I know, is you were never a nothing. So, indeed it is not you. So, who are you? This faggy, little dotted on the landscape of mind-thought, an amateur of living a wrong but fun and exciliarating life. Like that Kinsella fella. Breathe your last breaths, my phony pretend friend. Go to sleep with your new-found power. And let the Barracudas bare their teeth for the Harper elite coming down the pike. It’s over for free-thinking Canadiana, it’s Bushes butt now. The brain being Rovian by now. So we get the rear end. OK. Blow it away. Jeremy, my former friend, put on your latex gloves, it’s time to fight in the 2006 elections. Your blood or mine?

  8. Jer, all we can hope for is that a Conservative minority will be unable to push their legislation through as they would like, and will collapse early under the weight of a social conservative agenda. My only concern is that the NDP will never govern and the Liberals may not be able to rebuild themselves in 2 years. –Jason

  9. For all who voted Conservative…G-D help you. I am so disappointed in our nation, I just want to wake up now. Thankfully it is a minority government but I don’t feel confertable being a citizen right now.

  10. Hello!

    I have this crazy website called http://www.notmypm.ca. I have created this website to show people that not all of Alberta shares the views of the conservative party. We are a diverse group of varying political views and opinions and those voices are kind of being drowned in a sea of blue. We have Tories, we have greens we have liberals and some people here don’t subscribe to to the blue platform all the way.

    This is just a chance to speak my voice with a bit of humour and parody and there might be some people out there with the same views… or sense of humour.

    And what better person to counteract the belief of the ultra conservative albertan than a peacenik punkrock wannabe calgarian such as myself? Right in Harper’s backyard?

    In any case check out the website, I hope you have a laugh and if you wanna toss me some publicity, it would be great!

    the notmypm Rabbit.

  11. Hi, I’m trying to backtrack a guy who
    posted here, Jymn Delinquent Parrett , he’s an
    old pal…anyway u can help>?

  12. fuck english canada canada doesnt like québec ,well guess what i hate your fucking guts too we will win the next référendum please believe dat fucking pussys

  13. why dont yall get a book too be less ignorant of canadian history this book is called the black book of english canada read that shit fuckers

  14. i want canada to hate québec ,to hate me so i can get my country as quick as possible hate us please hate me hate le FIER QUÉBÉCOIS QUI VEUT SA NATION , LE CANADA NE SE DÉFERRAS JAMAIS DES PATRIOTES COMME NOUS

  15. Thanks for posting on my site! I appreciate your opinion in these matters and will take it into consideration. Hopefully I will find the time to respond to you in the next 10-20 years.

    If you do not feel like waiting that long for a response, feel free to break apart a country you are an integral part of because of your own vanity. Feel free to disregard the fact that there would be abandoned provinces to your immediate east, those provinces aren’t as wonderful and important as YOUR province, YOUR nation.

    Also, feel free to be angry at me for dissagreeing with you, I am angry at you for fucking with my rights as a human being whenever you feel like it. Feel free to create law enforcement agencies based on controlling language and expression, that sounds like fun for everyone!

    Feel free to be a patriot, you zany undying patriot you. I’m sure your nation and it’s borders will keep you from ever having to deal with the fact that there’s more important shit to worry about.

    -the management/maudite anglais

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  17. Fuck Stephen Harper.

    Fucking ZIONAZI. There is nothing “restrained” about 500lb Jdams falling on civilians in Lebanon just because the goddam IDF is too cowardly to get their prima donna asses in there and go face to face with Hezbollah.

    Now Stephen’s buttbuddy is sending bunker busters over their at the request oof welfare queen Israel.

    If Israel wants to wage war, pay for it your fucking self.

    I can’t fucking find words that really express what I feel for this sychophantic slimy piece of shit that supports this so one more time


  18. “you fucking canadians eat so much propaganda”

    So how much Separatist feed have you eaten today pally?
    Do you have a rational reason that you advocate a Vichy-modeled

  19. I’m tired to force myself to speak english in my own fucking province which is supposly french.Our Language is menaced for many years now.That why a lot of us want to be a nation.A lot of people start to lose their french in quebec.Plus with all the fucking immigrant.There’s more chinese in my district than french quebecois.When i go buy ciggaret , sometime i have to speak english to the vendor , because he can’t fucking spell one word in french.

    I’m tired of it.I’m french and i live in a french province.That something i would defend and give my life for.

    That why i’m for SEPARATION.That why FRENCH is menaced.Because the’re more english chinese and whatever than actualy quebecois in quebec.I want to purchase a fucking pack of ciggaret and speak my province language.MY COUNTRY LANGUAGE.

    Why the canada military suck?Because there’s not many quebecers into it.We are the true fucking soldier.





  21. Go fuck yourself you fucking frenchman – you have no ‘province’ ‘Nouveau France’ was conquered by James Wolfe of the British – you’re lucky your even allowed to stay here so STFU.

    God when will Canda come to it’s senses and send these fucking french assholes back to their ‘pays’ in France.

    We’ll pay for it – Just get the fuck out.

  22. French Mentality are always mooch-oriented. The Quebec Government is taking immigrants to boost their economy because French are not doing enough . French are much uneducated and untrained on the average compared with those legal immigrants. They benefit from them ,but shit on them at the same time. What an ugly mentally and morality! French are overating their culture,language, histroy at all times, in order to maintain arrogent, but mooch-oriented lifestyle although their average education level is very low and thus extremly unrespectalbe. Typical French life depands on favouritism instead of enducation and knowledge. That is why they produce more brainless racists

  23. As the original author of this post, I just want to point out that I do not necessarily agree with comments posted on this article, but I don’t bother to debate with them either.

    It seems that because of the title of the post and all the arguments in the comments it comes up very high in Google for searches like “Fuck french canada” and “fuck stephen harper”, so people are wandering in looking for a fight and finding an old stale one.

    This is more of an incubator for French/English Quebec hate speech at this point, I like having proof, so bear that in mind.

  24. Every day I pray the virus called Quebec leaves Canada.
    It is a vulgar society of ignorant inbred Nazi’s

    Fuck Quebec and their Nazi Language police.

  25. You know what is funny about french people, they are all immature idiots that hate everyone different then they are. They do not even realize that if it wasnt for English people their asses wouldnt even be in Canada. They think they are tough as shit, when they always cry like babies until Canada gives them what they want. I do not even know why Canada tolerates this bullshit. And to the french man who said “the only reason why the canadian military is shit, is because there are no french soldiers” lol, you are stupid, there are no french soldiers because you are all too afraid to fight for your country which is CANADA and not Quebec, If i was the prime minister I would kick all the seperatists out and make them move back to france, canadians are tough and we do not need no whiny complaining haters.Get the fuck out of our country, and pitch your tents on the eiffle tower.

  26. Fuck you, french Canadians! I was born in Quebec from immigrant parents (WHITE immigrant parents), and all I’ve seen is FUCKING RACISM! Your racism is even directed against MOTHERFUCKING FRANCE! SERIOUSLY! How many times have I heard “les maudits francais” (those damn French people)? What’s this I hear about your culture? YOU GOTTA SAVE IT? YOU HAVE NO CULTURE YOU FUCKERS! Who’s got the best grades at school? The so-called PURE quebecers? NOPE! All immigrants. Italians, greek, jews, east europeans… You guys are all retarded!

  27. Okay. So it had been awhile since there were comments on this post, then SomeMontrealer posted the text above, and I realized that I no longer want to publish this kind of stuff on my site.

    I initially allowed this thread to continue as a kind of honeypot for racist/hateful discussions about French/English relations in Quebec because I was curious and wanted a record of it.

    I think that has been satisfied by the people above, and am closing the comments on this post as a way of saying “Please go somewhere else with your ALL CAPS YELLING and angry agendas, posting your crap here just proves you are a troll who spams innapropriate spaces.”

    –The Administration

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