something beautiful

Despite its 85% porn saturation and aiding and abetting of hate-mongers all over the world, the internet is sometimes known for getting something right. (article from Wired news)

As just about everyone knows by now, same-sex couples have been streaming into San Francisco by the hundreds from all across the United States to get married.

thanks to the Internet, there’s also been beauty, in the form of hundreds of bouquets of flowers that have been delivered to couples waiting in line for their marriage licenses. These flowers have been ordered and paid for by total strangers, people from all over the world wanting to share in the good feeling happening in San Francisco and wanting to show that they believe marriage is a civil right that should be available to any two people, not just to a man and a woman.

you can read the article here.

justly married photo gallery
Also, for those visually inclined, a guy called Derek Powazek took some lively pictures of the event that you can check out here.

I think that the city of San Francisco has done a great thing with this, and the amazing generosity of flower givers proves that it is a great day for both freedom of life advocates, and internet-idealists. Thank you The Internet.

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  1. just want to note that I JUST found that derek guy’s site when i was posting this. any similarity between our designs is both accidental and mutually-flattering, I assure you.

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