b57-ea07b - photo by jeremy clarke

For christmas last year Mira was nice enough to adopt a chimp for me, sponsoring the Fauna Sanctuary in Chambly Quebec, where a ton of chimps, other primates and various other animals are taken care of after their utility in science or as pets ends. We went to visit the sanctuary and were lucky enough to meet some of the rescued monkeys up close. The tests that were performed on the animals leave them pretty shaken up pretty much all the time, I feel like this image captures that a bit. I also put up a video of the same monkey on YouTube.

Popping Hummer Cherry

I just couldn’t help myself after finding IHumpedYourHummer.com on BoingBoing yesterday. Losers driving tanks on cramped city streets be warned! Your honor is mine!

(Really though, Hummers make my brain hurt. There shouldn’t even be cars in the city, let alone military vehicles who’s only purpose is to cart around assholes.)

I made a movie about christmas

It’s very short, maybe you feel like watching it.

a movie I made about christmas

Click the image above to download/watch a .mov (requires some new version of Quicktime). To watch the QuickTime file inside the page click “(more…)” below. You can also download a DivX .avi here.(It might need some DivX sofware, though you should probably just download VLC and use it all the time anyway, it works with everything)

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