On the counter-municipalitory habitus of superheroics.

So this guy, sick and tired of what he perceives to be outrageous parking laws in the London (England, not Ontario) area, notably the liberal use of tire-clamps, decides to do more than just whine about it. He finds the biggest fucking cutter he can find (an angle-grinder apparently, I am not a tool person), dons a ridiculous costume, and hits the streets.

From the website, it seems that he actually tours the city (different neighborhoods depending on what night of the week it is) freeing cars that are being held hostage by the cops, in his ridiculous costume.

This is what the future will look like. I truly hope this is what the future will look like. How can the public prosecute such a loveable character?

I can’t help wondering if I should sew myself a costume and fight injustice on the local level. But somehow, “GUY WHO WAITS OUTSIDE THE METRO AND TELLS PEOPLE WHEN THE SUBWAY-PIGS ARE GIVING TICKETS” just doesn’t have the same ring as “AngleGrinderMan”.

I guess I’ll just keep taking pictures of them. They really hate that.

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  1. Pfft… You can warn people in Canada??? Shit. In Oz they just hop on random trains and fine us… And it’s a hundred dollars too!!! JUST BECAUSE I COULDN’T AFFORD A FUCKING TICKET!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!

  2. Actually, I got fined when i HAD A PASS! for 200$! (just in case you missed that).

    We havethat kind of honor system for our trains, but the metro is like a bus so you have to have given a ticket to get through the turnstiles. It is after you’ve been through the turnstiles though that they pounce with questions of “ou est ton passe PRIVILEGE?” “t’en as pas? viens ici!!!” they they braek out into this ninja dance thing and kick my ass.

    that’s what i would do if I was a superhero, avoid metroninjas.

  3. At the train station I use they have just installed brand new ticket barriers that mean I will always have to have a ticket now (I used to get away with it mostly before). If i was a superhero I would use my super-strength to fly passengers from their station, into glasgow, setting them down just the other side of the barriers, just to royally piss off scotrail. Though Id probably end up becoming corrupted and charging even more that the train company does for my super-fast service.

  4. if i was a superhero, i’d be able to teleport myself anywhere. my superhero suit would be like the anime character Nausicaa’s… i would be able to teleport myself anywhere… or then glide through the air some flying invention tool-like-instrument… then i wouldn’t have to worry about transportation anymore

    GRRRR to those bloody train ticket.. uh… people…

    although – i got fined in January, and i still haven’t received anything… shows how organized they are.. but lucky for me anyhow.

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