notes to selfs.

1. “Slick as a German minute” will come into common parlance.

2. The individual who makes decisions for a given household will no longer be referred to as such, but rather as “the decisor”

3. The activity known as “Cybering” or “Cyber Sex” or “Sex on MSN” should only be called “Textual Relations” (this has probably been said elsewhere before)

4. “Sand is overrated, it’s just tiny rocks” – Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless mind.

5. Chef Boyardee, being good neither in a state of coldness nor hotness, can be eaten at the temperature desired by by the eater, and should not be confined to any absolute standards of preparation.

cold ravioli with knife, photo

3 Replies to “notes to selfs.”

  1. In what way is a German minute slick. I’d think it was precise, or snappy!

    And is the decisor not one of those teeth thast need cleaning evry 9 months?

  2. I miss chef boyardi. Do they have vegan or vegetarian stuff? They should. They shouldn’t kill cows in the first place.

  3. the amazing thing about that statement is that my brief stint as a vegan (brought on by an unpleasant encounter with a propaganda video) was punctuated by me eating a can of ravioli after watching the video and feeling really bad after.

    there is cheese ravioli but there is meat in the sauce.

    the humanity.

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