on the failings of anti-perversionistic manipulations.

Remember the fifties? When the homosexuals were out to steal all of our bright young lads? Archive.org does, and you can watch the video. This is an amazing little thing worth watching if only to see this guy say “Sadism, Masochism and HOMOSEXUALITY!” Rarely is porno argued against so elequently as in this case.

cut off your handIn other news, the tradition lives on with modern day christians showing a bit more initiative by converting a seemingly disturbing piece of scripture (“if your eye (hand) causes you to SIN, cut it off and cast it away, for it is better to lose a part of your body than to be cast into Hell” -Matthew 5:29-30) into a clever little joke about modern day netporn. This one is actually pretty funny until you realize that they are actually recommending that we smash our computers rather than risk the temptation of the pr0n.

(both of these were ferociously lifted from BoingBoing.net)

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