It’s really amazing how high some people’s opinions of the money making power of the internet are. I mean, who would actually pay for ZOMBIE PORN?

Of course, the idea is a good one, but is there really a market for such niche fare? How many people are really siting around in their basements all bandwidthed up and nowhere to go, just wishing for some decaying zombiess to fill their lives with undeath, and, in the process, show them what it means to really live?

There couldn’t be more than a few. Max five.

(props to nikkie on this one for being such an amazing sport, and to angus for being such an amazing artist. both come highly recommended as donut peddler/undead whore and makeup artist respectively.)

5 Replies to “zombierotica”

  1. Pure genious Jer, I must of got my nut off 3-8 times.
    I’m always happy to see someone supporting Tokelau. They rock.

  2. super amazing!!!!
    I totally heart it:D

    and thnx as much as a was a good zombie whore, ur were a great photograph! :D

  3. you might think that maybe five people are down with this this sort of thing, but Im guesing that in a week or so you’ll have over a thousand subscribers.

    Jer, you have discovered the future of porn.

  4. Sweet Geezie Creezie, Jer. I think you may be on to something here. The site looks fantastic. We have to do another photo shoot SOON. Drop me a line and we’ll discuss.

  5. Can i be in another photoshoot?? I have some more zombie whore poses..and perhaps a zombie in a bikini?? How does that sound???? email me ;)

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