beauty v. the internet

zephyr syndicate website - a design marvel

This website for Zephyr Consulting is almost certainly the most amazing and beautiful piece of web art I have ever seen. It creates an atmosphere thick enough to taste, and even seems to tell a story about what the company stands for and believes before you’re even sure what it is they do. The animation is flawless, and the imagery alone radiates an aura of awesomeness.

Normally I’m turned off by the clunkyness of a flash interface (not to mention the nightmare it constitutes in terms of accesibility, interoperability and reverse compatibility) but this piece is just so well done that I can’t help wanting the whole internet to be just like it. Where’s the movie this thing should be becomming? How can I get a job with these guys? (yes, I realize they offer courses, if only I lived in Chicago)

(via. warren)

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