I’ll tell you something – new design

alyssasmall.jpg Finally finished the design for Alyssa’s fancy new blog, thought I’d share.

The Interesting Part: This is the first blog I’ve created using WordPress instead of MovableType for the publishing aspects. This is important because WordPress, like Linux, and unlike MovableType is a distributed open-source project, which means it is free (both as in beer, and as in speech), and is created by volunteers in their spare time. Deliciously ethical and utopian.

This blog, and all the underblogs, will probably be migrating as well in the near future. Maybe some of you have noticed that the site has been particularly gimpy lately, and it will be easier to migrate the site to a new server with WordPress blogs than MT.

(note: there is still a kind of open invitation to anyone who wants to blog onto my site (i.e. simianuprising.com/you), you can do it with Blogger or with wordpress if you wanted. Really it’s no better than the free services in any serious ways, only ridiculous ones. E-mail me jer at simianuprising dot com if you are interested.)

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