Guerilla typeface improvement – or – Halifax is full of amazing people

Randomly stumbled across this government of Canada sign while walking through Halifax a few weeks ago:
guerillatypefacing - readjusted font on canadian government sign

Someone had actually snuck up with some kind of knife and glue and completely reworked the text of the sign to have a funky haloweenish typeface instead of the bland Arial that plagues the signs of our fair nation, and in a way that wasn’t even terribly noticeable to the casual passerby (no one else seemed to anyway).

Could this be the next big thing in graffiti? Subtlety applied to the (generally) least subtle of art forms? Or would the unconscious effects and delicate nature of font and typeface design imply that their corresponding vandalism would be equally inconspicuous?

guerillatypefacing - closeup of font readjustment of government of canada signNotice that they didn’t add any new elements, but just used what was already there for their own ends, making something fun from something boring (which, it so unconvincingly happens, already belonged to them in the form of public property)
Could this be where the cool kids are headed?

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