Just when I was thinking that it wasn’t so bad after all…

americaaccepts.jpgThe Majority reminds me that they still exist, there are still more of them than there are other people, and that they still embody everything that is bad about the world and this species of ours.

Seriously, the reaction of Bush voters to the previously blogged Sorryeverybody.com is not only immature, rude and unimaginative, it’s downright insulting. It’s a rare occasion that one can be exposed to so much hate, ignorance, racism, sexism, homophobia and reality distortion as in the images that these people chose to post, not to mention the downright terrifying accountenance some of them chose to portray (see right -> )

So many of them really don’t even seem to know what their hate is about. You voted for Bush because he fought the terrorists? Do you actually think Gore would have just ignored them and built more internet or something? And why does every second image have some reference to the “liberal elite”? What the fuck is the Liberal Elite? Last time I checked it was the neo-conservative elite that was getting all the tax cuts…

[note: they’re offering t-shirts for sale! I know you’ve always wanted to be both sexist and homophobic at the same time, HERE’S YOUR CHANCE!]

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