5ives: Smiles deep down

Merlin Mann is a special kind of genius, and his site, 5ives, a constantly growing database of lists of five things sharing a theme, is one of those internet treasures that both feels like a total time-killer and an enlightening experience. They seem largely based on real fact, though often incorporate subtle and not-so-subtle fictions. Exhibit A, “Five revelations from Rene Descartes’ LiveJournal“:

1. He used to be into Emo, but now he thinks it’s “kind of gay”
2. He’s thinking of getting a job next summer
3. He totally blew the math quiz on Friday
4. He’s frenched three times now (and one time got a little tit)
5. He’s using a Bob Marley icon some dude made

Think about that for a moment, then go check out the rest. Another favorite of mine is “Five things it’s probably better not to do when you’re kind of drunk.

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  1. oh wonderful. i FINALLY tear myself away from metaquotes, and now i have something ELSE to eat up all my time when i should be packing…

    incidentally, you are going to have to get into the habit of using msn if you want to keep talking to me while i’m in toronto.


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