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  1. did you just ask yourself a question,

    because you posted this, right?

    p.s. where’s allie/mira (ally?)

  2. This is your most brilliant piece of photosomething ever jer.

    Your character is the one on the far right, the little gnome with the glasses.

    I like the tank though. He’s cool. :D

  3. Well, you DID roll on an RP server, those are servers where people are SUPPOSED to act like that. People on RP server are supposed to try their best to be actually in the game. This makes pretty much all of your points invalid, try a normal server, and you’ll find it to be a bit different. Idiot.

  4. Hi Jase, I think you commented on the wrong post because this one has no points at all, just a photo of a party sitting. But I’ll assume you meant the image of humans having sex with elves in goldshire.

    Now I rolled RP cause I was an RP nut, and I see your point about this kind of thing making more sense in RP because maybe their plotline involved making out, but why are they on an island outside goldshire? Are they RPing that? And if they actually are acting like that because it’s in their plot and not in a kind of pseudo-pornographic-role-playing (remember, “role-playing” as a term also applies to couples in RL pretending to be cowboys or whatever) sense, how does that change what I said about it being interesting that people will simulate sex even when the default mechanics just don’t offer any serious way of going about it. The only point you seem to have a problem with is that there’s sex in all sim environments, which I think you’ll have a hard time disprooving. Do you really think that NO ONE is simulating sex on NORMAL servers? Pretty hard to believe if you ask me. I think if you consider it carefully, you’re just defending the honor of people who didn’t ask for your defense. They’re probably happy doing what they’re doing, if anything you’re the one being disrespectful by assuming that there’s something to defend against in the first place. I mean, i’m totally in favor of them doing what they want, so long as they don’t get banned for breaking the prissy rules, which would be a big nuissance for them.

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