Songs to play at my funeral

mountain goats video for love love love at

Having spent some significant amount of time considering my grandmother’s recent passing, I’ve decided that if I died, there are certain songs I’d want played at whatever ceremony occurred (as well as the fact that nothing from the standard issue hymnal is to be played).

It just happens that today I found a video of the top song on the list, Love Love Love by The Mountain Goats. It’s a recording of a live show, which, of course, is the only real way to experience this kind of music. The sound is clear though and the performance is amazing. Send me an email if you want an mp3 of the track. If you really get a kick out of it there’s a ton of other show videos up on youtube here.

P.S. This is completely insane and exactly how he behaves on stage. One day I will be a rockstar too.

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