Grey Zone CopyTheory – Yes.

Image of the copyfightDude at a european conference about digital creativity and collaboration made a that’s – exactly – what – I – was – thinking – but – couldn’t – say – properly speech about how digitality exacerbates and complicates the relation between “works”, “creators” and “copies” to the point where a complete overhaul of our understanding is necessary. He also points out how the network and the bits make current copyright policy look like a laws against player pianos or VCRs (both of which, of course, were narrowly dodged when the technologies emerged and sound as ridiculous now as the idea of a law against file-sharing will sound in fourty years).

The text can get a bit theory-heavy at times but is definitely more rewarding than difficult if you like this kind of stuff.

Read it here.

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  1. Yes agree with you, the law against file-sharing may sound very ridiculous in fourty years. I think it is already ridiculous to make people illegal, because they share music or video with a couple of friends.

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