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Posted by Jer Clarke on June 9, 2006 · General

Image of the copyfightDude at a european conference about digital creativity and collaboration made a that’s – exactly – what – I – was – thinking – but – couldn’t – say – properly speech about how digitality exacerbates and complicates the relation between “works”, “creators” and “copies” to the point where a complete overhaul of our understanding is necessary. He also points out how the network and the bits make current copyright policy look like a laws against player pianos or VCRs (both of which, of course, were narrowly dodged when the technologies emerged and sound as ridiculous now as the idea of a law against file-sharing will sound in fourty years).

The text can get a bit theory-heavy at times but is definitely more rewarding than difficult if you like this kind of stuff.

Read it here.

Posted by Jer Clarke on June 9, 2006 · General


  1. Maria loves pictures

    Yes agree with you, the law against file-sharing may sound very ridiculous in fourty years. I think it is already ridiculous to make people illegal, because they share music or video with a couple of friends.

    June 15th, 2006 at 3:13 am

  2. Dinosaurier i grÃ¥zonen « Copyriot

    […] Känns som att Ã¥hörarna pÃ¥ plats var delade i tvÃ¥ grupper: Dels skeptikerna som uppfattade PiratbyrÃ¥ns tankar som blott en slags ideologisk överbyggnad till de där giriga fildelarnas ekonomiska egenintresse. Dels de som intresserade sig direkt för frÃ¥gorna om grÃ¥zoner, kulturell cirkulation och informationens infrastrukturer. Ett par av konferensens övriga talare som kom fram direkt efterÃ¥t var mycket entusiastiska. Däribland JP Rangaswami (CIO pÃ¥ en stor investmentbank, som själv begravde bÃ¥de upphovsrätten och annat), och Malcolm Matson (mÃ¥ngÃ¥rig affärsman i brittiska telekombranschen som nu leder OPLAN foundation och som i Köpenhamn passionerat pläderade för öppna nätverk). Det är förstÃ¥s vansinnigt kul att se hur den senare pÃ¥ sin blogg utnämner PiratbyrÃ¥ns föredrag till “the best argued and most coherent paper to state the case for the absurdity and impossibility of hoping that existing principles of copyright and intellectual property can be force-fitted into the new digital paradigm“! Tydligen sÃ¥ refererade även Lawrence Lessig till texten när han talade i Köpenhamn i söndags, i samband med Creative Commons danska lansering. […]

    November 26th, 2006 at 4:55 pm

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