Hollywood Goes Hypercommercial – amazing film about product placement (free)

tom hanks pimping starbucks in you've got mail, the ultimate product placement film
My former professor of digital communications and boss (when I was TAing the introductory class) has released a film he made a few years back for free on his website BrandHype (the site is a database of movies and the products that were inserted into them as advertising).

I first saw the film, Hollywood Goes Hypercommercial, when I was in cegep and a professor showed it to our class. It totally blew me away. I mean, we all know the ads are there and that they aren’t even close to legit, but somehow this vid manages to make the commercialism of the relationship extremely visceral, to the point where I now really do feel kind of sick when I notice placements in films. I can’t recommend this enough. It’s short, interesting, relevant and free.

You can download it in five chunks from the BrandHype front page here.

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