MySpace Beautification Front

Myspace Beautification Front Template image Do you use Have you noticed that it’s unbearably ugly? Or maybe that attempts to personalize it tend to go horribly wrong? “Why?” you ask. “Does the internet have to look like this?”

The answer is no. The problem is that the coders who put MySpace together don’t know the difference between the markup they get paid to write and the string of characters generated by a baby mashing a keyboard looking for bugs. Also that most of them are probably colorblind.

Luckily there’s a solution at hand. Conveniently I am it’s leader.

The Myspace Beautification Front

Check the link for details, but in a nutshell I teased a plain-jane white-based template off another website to look half decent, then posted the code in a convenient format on the site. The idea is that everyone switches over to the simpler, more elegant style so that it becomes like a new default. It’s not for the people who want to customize and be different. It’s for the lazy people who also hate ugly things. It’s for you.

A spectre is haunting MySpace, the spectre of elegance!

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  1. Oh dear God — thank you. For a moment I thought the only templates available had anime characters or bright yellow font on a slightly less yellow blinking background. I began to wonder if 1996 HTML had taken over the Web again…

  2. Hi! My name is Gabriele, I have modify my home page template with some css code of your myspace layout. I’ve put a link to your blog in my credits page. I want know only if I need your authorization for do this, and if you would give it to me. My page is at

    Greetings from Italy, Gabriele.

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