Stephen Colbert Reconsiders his Role in the New American Political Landscape

stephen colbert getting worked up about people smoking drugs
While I’m posting videos I can’t say no to this amazing clip of SC reacting to the results of the US midterm elections ( link).

Obviously the results were good (though really not good enough, it shouldn’t have even been as close as it was), for the planet as well as the United Statesers specifically. All we need in Canada is a chance to do the same thing before Harper gets his own 911 to use as an excuse for screwing us over Bush-style (or before all his small, shitty decisions pile up and actually get implemented).

Link to the video. (hosted at OneGoodMove, who faithfully posts the best Stewart/Colbert stuff for people who don’t want to put up with the insanely useless and broken Windows Media Video that Comedy Central uses to post videos. If anyone from CC is listening, I’m willing to look at your ads while I watch, but I’ll always be stealing from you if all you offer is to crash my browser with M$ DRM)

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