Eat It Kasparov!

Looking for some up-to-date information on the human/computer battle I stumbled on this great article reminiscing about the machine (Deep Blue) pwning humanity at chess 10 years ago, emphasizing how it’s no longer even a contest:

kasparov getting  pwned
Wired News: What is the state of supercomputer-versus-human matchups? How are we humans doing?

Murray Campbell: Not so well! The current world champion, Vladimir Kramnik from Russia, lost a match to a PC program in November, 4-2. If you look at the supercomputer that Deep Blue ran on, I think a present-day Cell processor has as much processing power as that entire system did in 1997.

Campbell: It’s almost the end of the story for chess in the sense that matches between chess machines and grand masters are becoming less interesting because it’s so difficult for the human grand masters to compete successfully.

They’re even taking relatively dramatic steps like giving handicaps to computers, making them play the game with a pawn less or playing the game with less time. We’re past the stage where there’s a debate about who’s better — machines or grand masters — and we’re just looking for interesting ways to make the competition fairer.

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Link to Wired article (P.S. why is in beta? That’s so stupid it hurts)

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