Ear Ideas: Great simple podcast directory

My friend Hugh just launched a new site in his empire of podcasting (He previously founded the amazing Libri Vox directory of public domain audio books, and the ill-fated but extremely useful Collectik, which was a web2.0 app that organized your podcast subscriptions and included social networking features as well, kind of like YouTube for podcasts).

Earideas logo This time he’s aiming for simple (Collectik kind of got out of control and became insane) with earideas, an edited podcast directory of well-made, thought-provoking audio content with a smooth interface and not too much clutter. The quality of the program selection is excellent based on my areas of expertise. Earideas already covers most of the stuff I listen to regularly that isn’t total junk, and when I’m feeling adventurous it has so far rewarded me well for my experimentation. Good luck with it Hugh, here’s hoping it forms the bedrock for CollektikZilla.

search engine icon While you’re thinking about it, I better mention Search Engine, the best goddamn radio show I’ve heard in a long time. It’s a new CBC Radio project discussing technology and it’s social effects that always manages to titilate and amaze, and it makes a solid go of incorporating user submissions and interaction into the main journalism behind the pieces. I have no idea when it plays on FM, but it’s playing RIGHT NOW at the link above (hint, it’s the earideas page for Search Engine, the CBC one isn’t as easy to use), just click on the play button for one of the shows and give it a chance. (this one was a recomendation from Hugh as well).

Not sure what a Podcast is? It’s just an easy way to offer audio ‘channels’ over the web, so people use them to download new episodes of things as they come out. Here’s the wikipedia article about it.

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