princess camp and poison frogs

Posted by Jeremy Clarke on June 25, 2004 · General

poisonfrog.gifNew design for a blog louisa started to keep everyone up to date while she’s away doing secretarial at a summer camp for rich american girls in Maine.

Unfortunately the little yellow cutie at left didn’t make the final cut. I’m sure he will find some love nonetheless.

Posted by Jeremy Clarke on June 25, 2004 · General


  1. Leah

    don’t worry Jer, I’ll love the little guy.. :P

    June 25th, 2004 at 10:01 am

  2. Bubbles

    Well I might take care of him, but I’m already overloaded with all these friggin kitties!! Hmmm! Mr. Patterson isn’t even feeding his anymore so now I need to buy food for his cats too. Ricky is just to fucking determined on growing his pot plants that my cats keep comming home all sorts of stoned! for facks sake!! I can’t take care of your shit frog.

    June 25th, 2004 at 5:53 pm

  3. Leah

    I love you Jon!!! I mean…Bubbles…

    June 25th, 2004 at 5:54 pm

  4. Stephekay

    Can I have a new design too Jer? Please?!

    June 28th, 2004 at 12:13 am

  5. baath

    Do you have any princess camp over the march break?

    March 13th, 2006 at 8:01 am

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