humblest appologies

there hasn’t been much happening except bugging out around here lately due to a much needed switch away from the user-spiteful iPowerWeb hosting service, who ultimately caused a lot more problems than the switch.

I am now with a company called Dreamhost, who I heard are good and am looking forward to dealing with (also looking forward to all the extra tools I now have).

If you host stuff with me or blogs or whatever and are feeling a problem give me a shout (jer[at] and i’ll do what I can.

Regularly scheduled programming will resume shortly.

2 Replies to “humblest appologies”

  1. shit. i wish you would have let me refer you from dreamhost and earn some credit.

  2. aw man! I AM SOO SORRY! I should have posted about it before i signed up just in case, their referral program is amazing!

    I would have x10! damn.

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