10 Replies to “the systemic manufacture of consent”

  1. umm… your DD link doesn’t work. amateur. and your otter-world looks scummy and sad

    but i hope you are doing well.

  2. It’s a secret and minutes from my house ,about ten on a bike.
    Their deers get out and we hit them with our cars!

  3. well i’m definitely A jeremy clarke. Jeremy Clarke coming out of Aylmer, DDO, Gatineau, Pointe-Claire. I have a cousin named Adam Clarke, is that what you mean?

    I don’t knwo what A2K or Warrenton are.

    Feel free to email me jer[at]simianuprising[dot]com if you want to see if i am or am not someone you’re looking for.
    (also note that only I see the email adress printed on comments, it’s so I can mail you back answers.)

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