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  1. is that like.. an albino turtle, or is that just redeye?

    (i know it sounds stupid, but i saw an albino turtle in sri lanka. it was awesome.)

  2. The ecomuseum is all about only taking animals that are already wounded or unable to function in some way, so yes, it’s an albino turtle. I guess they figure that the albino’s chances are a lot better in captivity than in the wild (they also had an albino frog and I think an albino something else.)

  3. “Albinism” simply refers to a lack of certain pigments in the eyes or
    the entire body of the turtle. In other words, any turtle species (or
    at least many) can be “albino”. This turtle happens to be an
    albino snapping turtle. I wonder if it would make albino turtle soup.

  4. yes, “albinism” refers to a lack of pigments, but it also refers to people or “things” that are, like, totally white, or whatever.

  5. i have found a quarter-sized albino carolina diamondback terrapin. anyone have an idea of what this turtle worth?

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