Lockpick Pornography – Joey Comeau

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I mean, what makes a man and a woman different? What is it that makes people like Dr. Verge wrong about the family, about homosexuality, if it isn’t the fact that we’re all the same person with different masks on? How can one mask be better than another? This XXX shit burns going down, but that just means I get to grit my teeth and wipe my mouth with the back of my hand. Tough like set theory, but easy like home economics.

Joey Comeau makes me scream and laugh and scoff and whine when I read his book. Joey knows what I am saying even though we don’t talk that much. Joey has a way of writing angry and crazy and revolutionary that is so good I want to buy hundreds of copies of his book and force people to read them at knifepoint, because they would like what they read, because it’s funny, and because no idea deserves to be as comfortable as we let ourselves become with ours. Joey is a Shit Disturber, and you can read his book for free on the internet, or buy a copy (with extra chapters!) on the cheap. I just got mine and it’s wonderful.

Link to a part of the internet where you can read and buy the book.

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