Songs to play at my funeral

mountain goats video for love love love at

Having spent some significant amount of time considering my grandmother’s recent passing, I’ve decided that if I died, there are certain songs I’d want played at whatever ceremony occurred (as well as the fact that nothing from the standard issue hymnal is to be played).

It just happens that today I found a video of the top song on the list, Love Love Love by The Mountain Goats. It’s a recording of a live show, which, of course, is the only real way to experience this kind of music. The sound is clear though and the performance is amazing. Send me an email if you want an mp3 of the track. If you really get a kick out of it there’s a ton of other show videos up on youtube here.

P.S. This is completely insane and exactly how he behaves on stage. One day I will be a rockstar too.

Ze Frank every day. /awesome

zefrank's new daily showZe Frank has been making awesome and simple little internetmovies for a while now. Gems like Red Alert and Request always made me wish he would update his stuff more often (they were released pretty sporadically) so I wouldn’t forget to check. Luckily, this problem was solved while I was away from the internet (I’m back now, goodbye WoW). Ze is now producing a 3 minute show (called “The Show”) every weekday where he talks about politics, design and his social movement The League of Awesomeness (with it’s devotees, the Sports Racers). It’s fast as hell and immediately funny, sort of like The Daily Show but it only lasts three minutes and you don’t have to steal it off the internet to avoid that big blinking box in the living room .

The first episode can be found here while the newest episode can always be found here. I’m still working on my powermove.

Al Gore is cooler than you are.

al gore from an inconvenient truth
(click image for trailer page)

Insanely, Al Gore has worked with some documentary filmmakers to make a feature length film about the nightmarish reality of global warming and the impending d00m that only a moron could ignore. Marc from BoingBoing’s writeup says it’s both entertaining and solutions based, I can’t believe it’s real. America, this is who was going to be Leader? Time to restart my time-machine work.