teh end of da wurld

i can has al gore? polar bear drowning Sometimes I feel like the cute animals with poorly spelled captions meme is running out of steam, but
ICanHasCheezburger continues to blow my mind regularly by expressing things in a way that just doesn’t work without cute animals. It’s weird that they can be so sad and heartbreaking sometimes, while still being so cute and funny. Anyway, I wanted to share this one, truly a nightmare scenario.

cat wearing tie, worries about life

If you’re looking for more consistently serious fare, LolSecretz uses the same kinds of photos as ICHC, but with captions reminiscent of the whole Post Secret thing. Sometimes they suck but there are some real gems in there.

And while I’m at it, the newest A Softer World really slapped me in the face, which is what I want from my webcomics.

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  1. dude, yeah, a softer world really struck me this week too! i think i’m a little chemically unbalanced cause i get weepy at the strangest things (see: the movie breaking and entering, random commercials, any mention of the word home, my laundry, etc.) but the insight into the fragile female psyche, coupled with the fact that it was written by a man, kinda set me off. the photographs are good, but joey commeau’s writing just floors me on a regular basis. honestly, i don’t know how to sing his praises loud enough…

    hey, would there be a way to link a softer world from my site?

  2. i just set it up so you can add links to thinks to your sidebar. Just go to the ‘Blogroll’ button and ‘add link’. Make sure to tick the ‘awesome fuckaz’ category when you add links.

  3. thanks jer! hey, are you proud of me for figuring out the schedule thing (did you even see the schedule thing?)? like how i put it up?

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