maybe… it worked?

After a grand total of over an hour and a half on hold with my host it seems that the server has been changed and nothing blew up.

Good news.

Welcome to Simian Uprising v.5.0, now wholly powered by the open source blogging tool WordPress. A few things will be different in terms of how the site works, but just showing up and reading it shouln’t change significantly.

Happy new year everybody, may your stylesheets be deviant but standard, and may your databases be fast and full.

6 Replies to “maybe… it worked?”

  1. nice chimp. fonts are big, which i consider to be an error of taste but hey, if fat fonts rock yr world i say hurray. happy new year jer, i miss you.

  2. Hey, the site looks stellar, I like the new monkey. only thing though is that I can’t successfully login to my account… I dunno if that was an error or not :P but let me know.

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