YouTube series shows WoW in brutally honest light

The guild - youtube series about WoW Found this yesterday on the YouTube front page and checked it out out of curiosity, The Guild. It’s a funny, clever and informed look at what WoW (World of Warcraft) players are doing in real life.

At first it comes off as just a cutesy look at the sillier aspects of WoW gaming, people’s little grottos they set up for themselves to play, their use of voice chat without knowing what the other players look like etc.

What I loved was the almost depressing level of honesty that develops as series works through the problems that come up in people’s lives. Somewhere between the main character hanging up on her shrink (who’s telling her that she won’t admit she has a problem) and another character looking spitefully at her own children for distracting her from the game, the show takes on a tone of morbid realism that I think is pretty honest. It’s still funny though, and the plot is actually pretty good (though the episodes are very short and there’s only 3 at this point).

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